The Omnia Scroll

The Omnia Scroll
Brighton Jubilee Library, Brighton, England
1 – 30 May 2013

The Omnia Scroll, International Group Exhibition

International Group Exhibition

Everything is Alive, Everything is Interconnected
Cicero, Roman Philosopher (106 BC – 43 BC)

The Omnia Scroll –  international touring group exhibition.
Proctor’s work will tour annually as part of the collective scroll, with forthcoming venues in Italy, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Japan, Dubai and London, to name but a few.

The Omnia Scroll explores the interconnectedness of all things, with each other and our planet.  Inspired by ancient wisdoms, science, quantum physics, philosophy and spirituality, this exhibition delves into the intangible mysteries and invisible connections that merge from the undiscovered depths of our oceans, of nature, the stars, each other and ourselves.

The theme of the exhibition and the creation of the continually increasing International Collaborative work, The Omnia Scroll, seeks to promote positive connections and explore the visual interpretations of each artist and in doing so, increasing connections to a wider audience and to each other.

The Omnia Scroll, returns to the UK throughout the month of May, showcasing 30 International artists from all over the world, with Sculpture, Photography, Painting, Digital Art, Mixed Media, Poetry & Music…..alongside the Collaborative work created by all artists who exhibit in the touring long term project which begun in November 2012.….a continually evolving ever increasing global collaboration.

The Omnia Scroll Exhibition III, Artists:

Aaf Woldinga (Netherlands)
Alberto Martinez (UK/Cuba)
Alexander Osipov (Kazakhstan)
Carla Mascaro (Italy)
Ester Q (Italy)
Iain Dub (UK)
Iva Troj (Sweden/UK)
Ivana Vavrecokova (CZ/UK)
Jack Hall (UK)
Jani Jan J (Austria)
James Eddy (UK)
Jamie McCartney (UK)
Jenny Lynne Sessions (UK)
Joanne Proctor (UK)
Keith Neary (UK)
Leon Soriano (Canada)
Lynne Christine Ridden (UK)
Maria Gaurino (UK)
Mel Shapcott (USA)
Miles French (UK)
Natalia Bucio (UK/Poland)
Nicholas Gebbett (UK)
Penelope Oakley (UK)
Piers Mason (UK)
Scott Nellis (UK)
Simone Stawicki (Netherlands)
Stuart Griggs (UK)
Susan Taylor (UK)
Tatiana Carapostol (Italy)
Tim Williams (UK)

Exhibition curated by Penelope Oakley

Further information on The Omnia Scroll and each of the exhibiting artist’s is available at

Cover Image: Angel, Carla Mascaro, 2013

The Omnia Scroll, International Group Exhibition

The Omnia Scroll Exhibition III 2013